Friday 19 July 2013

Inspired By...

Last week, at my nephew's 10th birthday party, his great Aunt Eleanor was there to help celebrate. I'd met her a few times before, at weddings or baby showers, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to meet her in a small-group setting.
Aunt Eleanor is an 83 year-old woman who recently returned from an African safari and there she was, happy to share her photos and experiences with the help of her iPad. There were photos of Aunt Eleanor holding the tail of a lion as she walked with it! I can't get this image out of my head and I wish I had a copy of one of the pictures to share with you here. Oh wait..... I'll ask her to email me one and I'll share it when I get it.
Of course I was inspired by this wonderful woman who went on safari and walked with the lions! Even more inspiring is the fact that she is a tech-savvy 83 year-old. Aunt Eleanor is a great example of a 21st century learner.
Led by curiosity, she explores the world. She is now collaborating with me to solve a real world problem - how to get me on a safari :) She uses technology to collaborate and extend her communications world-wide. Aunt Eleanor doesn't let the fact that something is scary get in her way of living and learning – and neither should we.
So here I go, writing my first blog post. Kim Hartman inspired me to "Just Jump In" in her blog that you can check out here and this morning I read Tom Whitby's post "Why Blogs and Who Needs Them Anyway?" another interesting read that inspired me to take the plunge. Thanks to @kimhartman55 , @tomwhitby , @twhitford , @pernilleripp and all of the other people who I've met through Twitter for the encouragement and inspiration!

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