Thursday 22 August 2013

George Couros - The Epitome of 21st Century Educational Leadership

Day 2 of Peel District School Board’s Teaching and Learning in a Digital World today was incredible.

I’ve followed George Couros’s blog (I get it delivered to my email address so I get it instantly) and have followed him on Twitter @gcouros for a little while now and have learned so much from him through those venues. Today, as they keynote speaker at #TLDW, I learned even more.

@gcouros and @Hmason36 at #TLDWPeel 08/22/2013

I figured George would be a great keynote speaker and he delivered BIG TIME!

He had us laughing, he got us dancing, and he inspired us to the point of tears a few times too.

George Couros is a thought-leader in education and through his blogs and Tweets I got the sense that he would be down to earth and likeable, in addition to being an innovator. In person, he is that and more.

In the title of this post I say that George is the epitome of 21st Century Educational Leadership because he is an inspiring leader, he has great vision, he is genuine, caring, down to earth, he speaks from the heart, communicates clearly, is willing to be vulnerable, is in this for all of the right reasons and he is sincere in his desire to help others. George is trying to help us build relationships and our PLNs, to utilize technology to our advantage, to stay literate and relevant, to inspire our students and to make our classrooms and our own lives richer.  Isn’t that what we all want in a leader? In a teacher? In ourselves as leaders and teachers?
Were you inspired today? Don't let that inspiration be wasted - take action. What is the one thing that you can do today to move yourself from your own point A to point B?
I would love to hear about what you are doing with the inspiration that George and Ruben instilled during these two incredible days. If you weren't at the conference - no problem - you can find inspiration everywhere! Just do one thing  today to move yourself forward, one step at a time. #keeplearning


  1. I'm going to keep on trucking :) Keep working on my blog and my PLN Twitter and class Twitter. I'm also going to try some new things like Augmented Reality with our Kindergarten Tech Buddies. I also want to try some flipped lessons. I had a teacher request I film my hashtag lesson and post it on youtube so I will do that. I think I might even try some "Live from Grade 3" lessons where viewers can watch me teach and my students teach live!

  2. I would love to see your "Live from Grade 3" videos! I am so glad that we have connected - I can't wait for our classes to connect too :)