Sunday 12 January 2014

Everybody Can Improve

I watched this Dylan William video this morning called "Every Teacher Can Improve" and I sent out a Tweet with a link.

I thought that the video was awesome because 1) it made me feel like my struggles as a teacher were normal 2) it acknowledges that teaching is difficult but rewarding, and 3) it reminded me of Carol Dweck's work on Mindset

Within a few minutes I had two Direct Messages that didn't agree with my #awesome.

"Teachers shouldn't bash teachers, we get enough from the public" was one comment. Another one said "FYI, your Tweet seemed 'preachy'"

I appreciate the feedback because it helps me reflect and gives me the opportunity to explain myself.

I didn't mean it as a 'bash' or to be 'preachy', I shared it so that others might enjoy the same feelings that I did. For me it was confirmation that I don't have to know everything, that I don't have to be perfect. While I know these things logically, there are times when I can use a reminder :)

I know that I can improve as a teacher, a parent, a spouse, a friend, etc., etc.

I find joy improving in things that are important to me.

Everybody can improve in some aspect of their lives, whether it is personally or professionally.

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