Tuesday 18 November 2014

Blog Hop - What Does 21st Century Learning Mean to Me?

What Does 21st Century Learning Mean to Me?

Over the past few weeks there has been some Twitter discussion about what 21st century teaching and learning is. Below you will find some graphics on what it means to me today (I hope you can see them on your particular device). More importantly, please check out the links at the bottom of the page to read the posts from some great #Peel21st thinkers. 

Please check out the links to the following blogs and follow them on Twitter.

Susan Campo @susancampo
Jim Cash @cashjim
Greg Pearson @vptechnodork
Phil Young @_PhilYoung
James Nunes @jameseliasnunes
Donald Campbell @libramlad
Ken Dewar Bestbefore2030
Graham Whisen @grahamwhisen
Lynn Filliter @assessmentgeek
Alicia Quennell @AliciaQuennell
Jonathan So @MrSoClassroom
Jim Blackwood @jimmyblackwood
Jason Richea @jrichea
Tina Zita @tina_zita
George Couros @gcouros
Sean Coroza @SRCoroza 


  1. Love the visual direction you took. Good reminder that students don't always have to do the same thing as well.

    1. Thanks Greg, I appreciate your kind words :)