Thursday 24 October 2013

Where the Magic Happens - #ECOO13

As I drove to Niagara Falls this morning to attend the #ecoo13 Bring IT Together conference, I was feeling a little anxious. I didn't know if it was because I was feeling guilty for leaving my class for two days, or if it was driving to a new place with bright sun in my eyes that made seeing my exit difficult, or if it was because I'd be getting the chance to meet and learn from some incredible people.

Then I gave myself a little pep talk - thinking about a scene from the T.V. show "Girls"


Yes, it would have been easier to go to school today. No application for funding, no lesson plans to leave behind, no waking up before the crack of dawn or driving for an hour.
But pushing myself beyond what is 'easier' or comfortable (and I'm NOT saying that teaching is easy) might be scary, but it is also exciting. The 'magic' often happens outside of your comfort zone.

I gave myself a little pep talk - told myself that I should be proud of myself for doing whatever it took to get to ECOO13, because it is something that interests me and will be good for me & for my students and co-workers when I share my learning back at school. Go Debbie!

Then I met Magdalena Front @TechMagFront who wasn't just attending ECOO, she gave a fantastic presentation on Projects for Fostering Creativity. I listened to Heather Durnin who shared the ways she has been Connecting With Purpose with her intermediate students - and she WOWed me. I got to meet @LeBlancPeter and @dougpete - two men who have taught me so much via Twitter over the last six months.

Needless to say, I felt a little silly for feeling any anxiety about just showing up and learning when so many people were really putting themselves out there and sharing so much of themselves and so much great information.

Day 2 tomorrow - no anxiety & no guilt, just gratefulness for all of the presenters and excitement about all of the learning I'm getting to do.

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