Monday 14 October 2013

Who Brings KFC to a Turkey Dinner?

Driving alone for hours with the radio must have put me in a nostalgic frame of mind on Saturday. I heard a song that reminded me of a wedding I went to as a kid (Knock 3 Times), songs that reminded me of students I've taught & that I still think about all the time (Somebody That I Used To Know), and songs that took me back to places and times that I thought were long forgotten.

As I pulled off the highway with the intention to stop at a grocery store to buy the things I would contribute to the Thanksgiving dinner at my dad's farm, I saw a KFC store and pulled in there instead. I thought about the jingle "Colonel Sanders and his boys make it finger lickin' good" and about how getting Kentucky Fried Chicken was a huge deal when I was a kid. I bought a big bucket and got back into the car for the final leg of the drive - memories of childhood, my sisters, mom &dad flooding in.

When I arrived, smiling brightly, my brother-in-law asked "Who brings Kentucky Fried chicken to a Thanksgiving turkey dinner?" He looked seriously concerned about my mental health.

My sisters and my dad were smiling - I didn't have to explain it to them.

BTW, my brother-in-law was the first to grab a piece of the chicken :)

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