Monday 25 November 2013

The 6 C's Project - Creativity

About a week ago Tina_Zita & @MatthewOldridge asked the question:

"How do we measure creativity,
critical thinking, communication, or any of the 6 C's of 21st Century Learning
without a clear understanding of what we are hoping to
Jason Richea and I decided to join Tina and Matthew in taking on the task of defining the 6 C's, beginning with creativity. You can read all of our original input here. The next step was coming up with a 6 word definition.
My assessment hat seemed to be glued on. I kept coming up with success criteria for a creative product. Then, I got stuck on the 6 word limit. While blow drying my hair this morning I wondered if I could get around the 6 word limit by using symbols - and I pictured something. When I got to school I tried to create it  - ahhh, no Photoshop! So I quickly drew this (those are hands holding a brain, which represents imagination).
  I painted at recess. 

At the Tim Horton's drive thru at lunch I finally came up with my 6 word definition and went back to school to put this together.

Driving home, I wasn't satisfied. The hands were too stagnant - they should be transforming something! (and now I see that I wrote trasnforming - oops). Even though I liked that it was a visual representation & used symbols, my definition really called for some movement. I got the Play-Doh out and borrowed my husband's hands and filmed a quick Vine. Wasn't happy with it. So we tried something else and experienced audio problems. Finally, we came up with this:

It is still not exactly what I wanted, but it makes me laugh.

Creativity: transforming imagination into new, relevant products.

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Join the conversation & let us know how you define CREATIVITY and the 5 other C's


  1. I think you need to use the Aurasma app for your activity. I think it would lend nicely to it.

    1. Thanks! Great idea - I'll give it a try :)