Saturday 14 September 2013

Augmented Reality for International Dot Day

International Dot Day is September 15, 2013. In celebration of the great book The Dot by Peter Reynolds, we downloaded and printed the free Dot Day pdf from

Next, students chose markers, crayons or chalk pastels to colour the dot. When students were finished, we used the ColAR Mix app to view their work on the iPad and the dots came to life! They were swirling and spinning and we were all very impressed.

I took a screen shot of each piece of work and even though the still photos do not look as impressive as the Augmented Reality dots, I have ordered prints of the photographs for students to use along with an upcoming creative writing assignment. In addition, I used the Pic Collage app to make a few collages of the work. I learned about this free and easy to use app from PDSB Teacher Helen Chapman @playing_in_k - thank you Helen!

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